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      1. TLC for LED Total Light Control

        Introducing TLC for LEDTM A New Era of Total Light ControlTM

        System graphic

        A Proven System

        Our system approach to sports and transportation/infrastructure lighting delivers the performance and long-term reliability that continues to set us apart after 40 years.

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        Total Light Control

        Total Light Control?

        We create controlled light, not floodlights. Our LED sports lighting direct light with pinpoint precision, because it’s about lighting your field, not the neighborhood around it.

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        Always Ready To Play

        Always Ready to Play

        With remote on/off controls and 24/7 system monitoring offered through Control-Link?, as well as a 25-year parts and labor warranty, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your field is always ready to play.

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        Superior Playability with BallTracker?

        When you walk onto a field that features Musco’s Total Light Control—TLC for LED? technology, it just looks better. Better for players, and better for spectators.

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